Collaboration is an organizational imperative of 21st century.
Networks of relationships are the ultimate resource.
It takes work to create and sustain effective networks.
This is Net Work.

Patti Anklam and her associates offer consulting services that bring the network view into focus, enabling leaders and network facilitators to guide their networks’ purpose, structure, style, and value to achieve results that can only be accomplished through collaboration. There is a plan to specialize in providing Cryptocurrency Consultations to help customers get started with cryptocurrency. This includes wallet setup, exchange support, crypto trading with the help of trading bots like anon system app, and an overview of the best security practices to keep your crypto safe.

Launched June 1, 2010: 4-hour, self-paced online course: Organizational Network Analysis.

Now available from and other online booksellers: Net Work:
A Practical Guide to Creating and Sustaining Networks at Work and in the World